Sun Beds

Here are some general guidelines to follow when using a Sun bed:

  • If you are currently using any medications it is best to consult your doctor first on the safety of using a tanning bed (this is because some medication can increase one’s sensitivity to UV lights).
  • If you have any skin condition, first consult your doctor on the safety of using an indoor tanning system.
  • Always wear protective eye wear while in the tanning bed.
  • If you are pregnant, first consult your doctor on the safety of using indoor tanning systems while pregnant.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get a tan. Use the tanning bed according to the manufacturers recommended time.


Platinum Tanning Bed

Pure power can be so beautiful! Tanning with power, relaxing with style. The KBL 6800 Alpha is the high-tech eye catcher with high-performance tubes, powerful design and a lot of wellness features.

The bonus features of this unit are as follows.

  • Customize your UVA and UVB output. Or choose the basic tan
  • p2 pigment lamps. Better vitamin D output
  • CPI=equal output for life of lamp for a better all-around tan
  • AAA comfort: includes aqua ool, aroma & air-conditioning. ALL OPTIONAL
  • Chromeo therapy. Mood lighting.
  • Bluetooth compatibility

Superior Tanning Bed

12 minute maximum session. Featuring the Ergoline Excellence 850, our Superior Tanning Bed is the Rolls Royce of tanning bringing the ultimate in luxury and comfort for the discerning tanning enthusiast. High and low pressured lamps are featured in this tanning bed.

Stand Up Tanning Booth

8 minute maximum session. The SunScape 756V stand up tanning booth has the power and advanced cooling system will keep serious tanners coming back for more! This stand up tanning system offers 56 – 200 watt body lamps and an advanced body cooling system for your comfort.

Executive Tanning Bed

12 minute maximum session. The 160 watt lamps of the Ergoline Inspiration 450 Executive Tanning Bed deliver a tan darker than anyone could imagine in a short session (higher UVB, low UVA output). This larger, roomier bed features 46 body lamps and 4 facial lamps producing extreme facial bronzing results with the ability to turn on/off at any point during the session.

Focus Tanning Booth

12 minute maximum session. For those who prefer floor to ceiling coverage, the Focus Executive Tanning Booth is for you. This stand up booth consists of 180 watts that deliver a darker tan in a shorter session (high UVB, low UVA output).

Premium Tanning Bed

15 minute maximum session. The Ergoline Ambition 250 Super Power tanning bed is the ideal choice for a beautiful, longer-lasting golden tan, ensuring results and comfort for the intermediate tanner. The Premium bed features:

  • Medium UVA and UVB exposure
  • Cooling fans
  • 120 watt lamps and excellent bronzing results (High UVA, low UVB output)
  • 3 facial lamps producing excellent facial bronzing results with the ability to turn on/off at any point during your session


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Frequent Questions

  • How do sun beds work?
    Sun beds and emit Ultraviolet rays, exactly like the sun and that is why we can say that sun beds imitate the sun. UV rays are important, as they do not only help your skin to tan but also have quite a few health benefits. The sun has three different types of UV rays. They are known as the UV-C, UV-B and UV-A.  The wavelengths of these UV rays determine the differences between the three. The UV-A is the longest and the UV-C rays are the shortest. It is also known that the UV-C rays are the most harmful to your skin. Most of the UV-C is absorbed through the ozone layer or through the pollution in the air. How does this relate to tanning? Well it is the UV-B that starts you tanning and the UV-A rays that completes your tanning. What about the tanning beds? Tanning beds use only UV-A or UV-B rays. This is beneficial as it prevents overexposure to harmful UV rays and is ideal for tanning. It is important to know that even too much tanning in a sun tanning bed can be harmful to your skin.
  • How long will it take before I am tanned?
    This all depends on your natural skin tone and how sensitive your skin is to UV-rays. Most people will see a difference in their tan within the first 3-5 sessions. We do advise that you ease your way into a nice, long lasting tan rather than trying to get a dark tan over night.
  • Is indoor and outdoor tanning the same?
    The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor tanning is the control you have over the amount of UV lights you are exposed to. While using a tanning bed you can control the time and the UV light exposure to gradually get a nice healthy looking glow.
  • What should I wear in my sun bed?
    The beauty of a tanning in a Sun Bed is that it is in the privacy of your own room. This means you can wear as little as you want. Remember that some areas of your skin might never have been exposed to sun before. It is better to slowly tan these areas. Cover them up 1/3 of your full length of tanning time until all tanning lines are faded and you have a base tan.