What about sunless tanning? Spray tanning?

Spray Tan

Spray tanning is becoming more popular because of the instant colour you get. In minutes you can get a deep brown tan that will last for approximately 5-7 days. It’s perfect for special events like weddings or proms, or when you just want to get rid of tan lines. If you are one who does not like the idea of tanning inside or outside but still want/need some colour, this is the perfect solution.

Most spray tanning solutions use DHA – a sugar-based product – to coat your skin. This “sets” into your skin by reacting with the proteins and amino acids to turn your skin a nice shade of brown. Our sunless offering consists of what is called “airbrush” tanning, which is done by a certified technician who “paints” a tan onto your body with a spray gun. It is NOT a booth that showers you with solution that you then have to wipe off – it is carefully applied by the technician who ensures that the right amount of solution is used in the right places to ensure the best result. Additionally, our service allows for part-body tanning (face/neck, or legs only, for example) so that you can simply tan the areas that need it (upper body for strapless dresses, for example).

There is more information in our Sunless section.

We do not use the word SAFE when it comes to indoor tanning – we prefer the term SMART. Here’s why: the term “safe” implies that one can recklessly abuse something without any fear of causing harm. Reckless use of ultraviolet equipment can certainly cause harm to an individual so “safe” is not in our vocabulary. By educating the public and preventing reckless abuse, professional tanning salons are playing a key role in promoting a SMART approach to sunburn prevention that recognizes that people do perceive different benefits from being in the sun. In this way we are able to teach sunburn prevention in a practical way that respects both the potential benefits and the risks of sun exposure. And, we can apply it to both indoor and outdoor tanning equally as our goal is to achieve adequate and proper sun exposure without burning.