Janice’s Covid-19 Update

October 2020

To all our wonderful clients:

We are very grateful for your support during the challenging period since our reopening on June 22. We are so proud of you for working together with me and our staff to keep your salon and equipment pristine and safe.

To our new and future clients, be assured that our new protocols are working. We continuously review them and our performance to ensure a stellar Bella Tan experience from your first appointment and every time you visit.

Now, please take a moment to read our updated Covid-19 Protocols, safety measures and booking procedures.

Remember, we continue to offer convenient curb-side pick-up for our lotions and boutique items.

As fall approaches and turns inevitably to winter, we remind you to attend to healthy self-care including knowing which vitamins can keep you at your best. November is Vitamin D month and we will be sharing information on how the ‘sunshine vitamin’ directly benefits your health.

As well, never forget to safely distance, wear the mask and wash your hands frequently.

For any questions or concerns, contact us directly at 905-873-4343. Or, email me directly at bellatan@bellatan.ca

Hope to see you soon. Please keep safe and healthy.

Warmest Regards,

Janice-Bella Tan Owner

Experience the finest in tanning and skin care!

Welcome to Bella Tan, for the ‘beautiful you… beautiful tan’ experience.

Bella Tan is not your everyday tanning salon. We take pride in being knowledgeable and caring, so that we can advise you on how to achieve the most attractive and healthy tan.

Our personal care starts with being fully informed about the full range of tanning beds so we can recommend the ones that will work best for your skin type and tanning goals. We will also provide you with options for lotions and skin care products to help you achieve a deeper, longer lasting tan that you can be proud of.

We believe in education. All of our tanning specialists are Smart Tan Certified, which means that they have received the latest professional training in tanning and skin care. We confidently share all information with you so that every decision you make about your tanning is a smart one.

We also offer quality spray tans with the option of using our Spray Tan Booth or having an Airbrush – Custom Spray Tan. For your self-tanning needs, we feature a range of safe, quality products to ensure the best results.

We look forward to tanning you soon!

Bella Tan Boutique

We invite you to visit us at the salon to check out our beautiful boutique which features uniquely new gift ideas.  Shop from a continuously changing selection of contemporary fashion wear, jewellery, accessories, sandals, clothing, and much more! You can also visit online at Bella Tan Boutique.

Bella Tan Boutique with clothing, accessories, gifts and sandals and flipflops


5 Mountainview Rd. North
Georgetown, ON L7G 4T3

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