Sun Beds

General Guidelines to Follow When Using a Sun Bed

  • If you are currently using any medications it is best to consult your doctor first on the safety of using a tanning bed (this is because some medication can increase one’s sensitivity to UV lights).
  • If you have any skin condition, first consult your doctor on the safety of using an indoor tanning system.
  • Always wear protective eye wear while in the tanning bed.
  • If you are pregnant, first consult your doctor on the safety of using indoor tanning systems while pregnant.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get a tan. Use the tanning bed according to the manufacturers recommended time.
Bella Tan Platinum Tanning Sun Beds

Platinum Tanning Bed

10 minute maximum session. Pure power can be so beautiful! Tanning with power, relaxing with style. The KBL 6800 Alpha is the high-tech eye catcher with high-performance tubes, powerful design and a lot of wellness features.

The bonus features of this unit are as follows:

  • Customize your UVA and UVB output. Or choose the basic tan.
  • p2 pigment lamps. Better vitamin D output.
  • CPI=equal output for life of lamp for a better all-around tan.
  • AAA comfort: includes aqua ool, aroma & air-conditioning. ALL OPTIONAL.
  • Chromeo therapy. Mood lighting.
  • Bluetooth compatibility.
Bella Tan Superior Tanning Sun Beds

Superior Tanning Bed

12 minute maximum session. Featuring the Ergoline Excellence 850, our Superior Tanning Bed is the Rolls Royce of tanning bringing the ultimate in luxury and comfort for the discerning tanning enthusiast. High and low pressured lamps are featured in this tanning bed.

Bella Tan KBL Tanning Sun Beds

KBL Tanning Booth

10 minute maximum session.  The new KBL puts the UV in LUV!!
This luxurious stand-up will bring your tan to the next level with its full lamp UV lam output.  Much like the 6800, this bed puts out UV rays from tip to tip in its UV lamps while offering more space and comfortable hand grips to ensure complete all over tan.  No more shoulder creases, as the customer can now relax comfortably with their hands at a less aggressive angle.  It’s the perfect piece with its invisibly integrated central exhaust air system for better air flow and an open ceiling. 

Bella Tan Executive Tanning Sun Beds

Executive Tanning Bed

12 minute maximum session. The 160 to 200 watt lamps of the Ergoline Inspiration 450 Executive Tanning Bed deliver a tan darker than anyone could imagine in a short session (higher UVB, low UVA output). This larger, roomier bed features 46 body lamps and 4 facial lamps producing extreme facial bronzing results with the ability to turn on/off at any point during the session.

Sunrise Tan

Sunrise Stand Up Tanning Booth

9 Minute Maximum Session. Experience Hybrid Performance in a whole new light with the Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid. Beauty Light LED’s surround the facial area and with the Personal Sunstyle, users can reduce UV output during a session while maintaining the benefits of Red Light for the body and face. The new surround cooling plus ventilation guarantees that you keep cool during your session, delivering a fresh breeze from head to toe. All comfort settings can be set at the touch of a button on the easy-to-use Smart Control Panel. Experience a new level of tanning with the Sunrise 7200 Hybrid by Ergoline.

Bella Tan Premium Tanning Sun Beds

Premium Tanning Bed

15 minute maximum session. The Ergoline Ambition 250 Super Power tanning bed is the ideal choice for a beautiful, longer-lasting golden tan, ensuring results and comfort for the intermediate tanner. The Premium bed features:

  • Medium UVA and UVB exposure.
  • Cooling fans.
  • 120 watt lamps and excellent bronzing results (High UVA, low UVB output).
  • 3 facial lamps producing excellent facial bronzing results with the ability to turn on/off at any point during your session.

We’re beyond excited to announce our NEW Blush Lamps have arrived! This is an enhanced tanning and wellness session with hybrid lamps that feature a combination of UV
and Red Light.

These are sun lamps with skincare in mind. These ‘softer’ sun sessions are compassionate to your skin. By stimulating more oxygen and increasing blood flow, each session helps
improve your overall appearance. They help produce longer, gentler results and the UVB helps boost both melanin and Vitamin D production whilst also providing Red Light benefits.

With this Premium service, most clients experience a longer-lasting tan as well as a deeper, darker colour. When paired with professionally tailored skin care we will have you looking bronzed and feeling your best!

Sun Bed Pricing Chart 07.26.23