Terms & Conditions

Bella Tan has a “No Refund or Exchange” policy.

Bella Tan enforces the 24 hour time limit between tans as regulated by Health Canada.

All tanning minute packages expire after 12 months from purchase date.  30 day packages expire in 30 days from first day of use with no holds or refunds and/or 12 months after purchase date.

Bella Tan has the right to refuse the use of any tanning products and any type of oil or spray lotions in our beds.

Bella Tan will dispose of all expired eyewear and lotion without notice that is stored at the salon. Or if the lotion is empty. (All lotions and eyewear should be discarded after 12-18 months of use due to diminishing active ingredients.)

At each and every tan, we will ask to see your eye wear protection.

All prices are subject to HST and may change without notice.

We look forward to tanning you and providing the best customer service possible.