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Defining Different Lotion Types

Bella Tan offers a variety of quality lotion types that each have unique points and benefits. Our experienced staff will be happy to make a recommendation for which lotion is best for your skin and desired results.

Our tanning products are available for curb-side pickup. To order, please email bellatan@bellatan.ca.

The Brands We Carry

• Australian Gold
• California Tan
• Designer Skin
• Devoted Creations
• Ed Hardy by Tanovations
• MR International
• Mystic Tan
• Sun Evolutions – Supre, Hempz, Pro Tan, Playboy
• That’So

Maximizer – Helps to boost the natural tanning process by increasing Melanin production in the skin. Formulas include a variety of proprietary blends including Tantalize, Hyperdark and Colorburst Technology which contain Tyrosine and natural tan enhancers to help achieve darker color. Maximizers are perfect for beginner tanners or tanners who are wanting to achieve natural looking color without the use of Bronzers.

Natural Bronzer – Enhances the skin’s natural tanning process by utilizing natural bronzing ingredients (without DHA) that even out skin tone and add streak free color. Natural bronzers incorporates a variety of natural bronzing ingredients including Caramel, Henna and Black Walnut Shell Extract. Natural Bronzers are perfect for beginner tanners or tanners that want darker streak free golden bronze color without the use of DHA.

Bronzer – Increases the skins dark color by utilizing DHA and natural bronzers for darker, richer color that continues to develop after UV exposure and can last up to several days. DHA reacts with the proteins on the surface of the skin to provide a rich golden tan. The highest quality of DHA is used to formulate to provide more natural looking color. Bronzers are perfect for tanners that have an established base tan or darker complexions that are wanting to take their tan to the next level fast. Bronzers should be applied to clean exfoliated skin. Hands should be washed after application to avoid discoloration.

Tingle/Hot – Intensifies the tanning process by stimulating microcirculation to the surface of the skin. They use Methyl Nicotinate and/or Benzyl Nicotinate which creates the redness and tingling sensation that can last for several hours. Tingle/Hot products are recommended for experienced tanners only. Tingle/Hot products should never be used on the face, by beginner tanners or those with sensitive skin. A spot test before full body application is recommended. Be careful when handling children as reddening sensation can be transferred upon contact hours after use.

Cooling – Creates a light cooling and refreshing sensation on the skin after application that can help offset the heat some tanners may feel during their tanning session. Wash hands and avoid touching eyes or sensitive areas after application.

Self Tanner – Provides a golden bronze color on the surface of skin without UV exposure. Sun Evolutions utilizes a proprietary blend of DHA and Erythrulose in these formulas which create a deep rich golden color that develops within 3-4 hours of application and can last for several days. Self Tanners are perfect for tanners who may want to help maintain their tanning between extended periods of time from the salon or for those who are looking for immediate color without UV exposure.

Why Use a Lotion

The use of lotions is an absolute necessity when tanning indoors. There are many benefits to using a lotion which plays a vital role in the outcome of your tanning result. Using a lotion while tanning helps keep the skin moisturized which leads to better magnification for maximum tanning results. Without the use of lotion, skin is dry and deflects UV light. Moisturized skin will absorb the UV light, helping to influence the tanning process for a faster, deeper, darker tan.

Faster, Deeper, Darker Tanning Results!

In addition, many lotions contain intensifying, maximizing and bronzing ingredients, which also help amplify your tanning results. Boost Your Bronze! Magnify Your Melanin! Stimulate Your Skin! The other advantage of using an indoor tanning lotion is skin care. Tanning lotions contain many Vitamins and Nutrients, along with emollients, hydrators, moisturizers, and humectants. Your tanning lotion may even contain Age Defying and firming ingredients as well as offer other skin care benefits. These ingredients are essential not only in promoting healthier looking skin, but also to help replenish moisture loss during the tanning process.

Replenishes! Rejuvenates! Restores! Revitalizes! Refreshes!